Meet Our Team

Darren Dohme

Managing Partner

Darren has been in the commodity trading and price risk management business for almost 30 years. Darren’s risk management skills were initiated growing up on a grain and livestock farm in the heart of the corn belt. After college, Darren took that experience, to work with farmers as a commodity hedge risk consultant. Taking his skills to the next step up, Darren became a commodity risk adviser to Midwest Agricultural Coops. This led Darren into full time energy price risk management. Developing strategies that capped fuel costs from the wholesaler to the fuel jobber, and all the way down to the end using consumer, proved to be a major asset during the first Gulf War to all that participated. Among those who noticed Darren’s early contribution to energy risk management were the US Department of Energy and Bank of America, which saw such strategies as vital to energy consuming customers and used Darren’s skills to educate customers around the world in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. Today, working primarily with Over-the-Counter Energy Programs, Darren and his longtime trading partner, Dave Chatterton have taken their proven skills to develop a premier energy price and margin risk management company, Powerline Petroleum. In his capacity as Managing Partner of Powerline, he provides daily input to the firms research and analysis efforts and provides valuable insight in the structuring and development of new price risk management programs. He stands ready to assist you in achieving your goals!