Meet Our Team

David Chatterton

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Powerline, Dave brings over 25 years of commodity trading and price risk management expertise to the table each day for clients of the firm. Powerline was launched in 2003 as a platform for customers to combine the firm’s proprietary market research, analysis and risk management programs alongside access to some of the industry’s most innovative and well respected providers of exchange-based and OTC clearing. That mantra of superior ‘information, innovation and execution’ continues on today, almost 15-years later, in a firm that offers clients an independent viewpoint to managing commodity price risk, yet access to the same full array of tools often employed by globe’s largest financial players. Having a key role in almost all aspects of Powerline’s daily operations, Dave has a solid base and strong reputation for the ability to formulate hedging structures and manage price risk exposure in the ever changing and extremely volatile world of commodity marketing – whether it be for his own small family farming operation, or some of the country’s largest commercial enterprises. Feel free to call on him for questions both big and small.